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A Christian book full of miracle healings. The Christian testimony covers a healing of depression and two tooth cavity healing miracles. True testimonies of miracle healings abound in this book. Also, a factual account of God providing money when there was “no way!” A Christian story full of hope and encouragement.
A Christian testimony full of encouragement and hope. Unexpected dental and eyesight healings became reality and a financial miracle provided money when there was no hope. When depression raised its ugly head—God rose higher. Victorious encounters with the living God produced this awe-inspiring report. A transparent and satisfying account of the majestic power of God Almighty. 

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The great thing about miracles is when you see one you know God did it. This is a testimony of God-filled events marred by marital separation, major depression, and imminent suicide. The testimony of God's powerful triumphs over startling defeats provides a full measure of hope wrapped up in wondering, "What’s next?" A victorious conclusion that can only be attributed to God is sure to uplift and inspire.
A fulfilled vision sparks this Christian testimony of hearing God’s voice. True testimonies of miracle healings abound in this book. Godly miracles of healing a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder and its devastating symptoms. Hearing the voice of God is prevalent throughout these testimonies even when disbelief and fear appeared. A Christian story full of hope and encouragement.

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Currently serving Christ in Tillamook, Oregon, we have been involved in ministry on the East Coast as well as in the Rocky Mountains dating back to the nineteen seventies. We believe you know God is real. We do too. In fact, our passion is God. We believe God Almighty makes spending time together worthwhile and enjoyable for both Him and us. And, we believe reading about His miracles is one way He says, “Do you want to talk?”
As a result of four decades with the Lord we have no doubt that God cares about each of us personally.   We also believe that God affects real life. Both of us love to write about Him in today’s world. We share encouraging, authentic, and vulnerable testimonies. Our goal in life is simple—to give you inspirational reading that’s all about what God has done and is doing. 
Living a 52 year marriage near the West Coast shoreline; we declare the reality, power, and love of the Lord with everyone around us. Our twin believer daughters each have vibrant families who live far too far away. After writing full time we share our life with two rambunctious kitty cats who curl up with us on a crowded love-seat for devotions and Bible reading in the evenings. We enjoy a quiet relaxed life where it is refreshingly cool but rainy much of the year.

Bette's blog of hope and victory from her desk near the Oregon shoreline on a cool, cloudy day, December 4, 2019.

I was going through a crisis. My husband was discouraged to the point of suicide. I couldn't help him or stop him from recklessly driving away. After calling a crisis prayer line I was advised to focus on reading Scripture, and not to stop. They prayed for the situation, but I was in a panic mode and knew I couldn't focus well. However, I started reading Psalms out loud. I kept reading out loud to block the panic that was starting to overwhelm me.
"No harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent." Psalm 91:10
The above Scripture kept coming to my attention. God miraculously intervened and acted upon the incident as a result of simply believing and declaring that that Bible verse is true. The inspiring testimony of hope that springs from this event is found in the book, God Moment
Even to this day, that Scripture reminds me of the power of God Almighty. His Word does not return to Him void (see Isaiah 55:11). The second book, Pure God, reveals God's power but even more it shows that His amazing patience and mercy is available to us all.
Next time, I will write more about Scriptures that are effective and meaningful to me, and may be helpful to you in dealing with your own real life. I would love to hear a little from you about your testimony. You can reach us on the contact form below.
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