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Godly Reading


Relax and read a good Christian book. Put on your glasses and take a break. Reading Christian testimonies of miracles and healings has a wonderful calming effect.



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Christian Testimonies-Inspirational Stories

First in this Series

Can an unwavering believer and a man without faith find common ground, sparked by an unexpected reunion?

Hope seeks God’s perfect match, reuniting with Neal, a nonbeliever from her past. When they're unexpectedly locked in together, their reunion is interrupted by an unexpected presence. As they navigate past heartbreak and present struggles, can they discover true happiness and faith together?

Raising Hope is a heartwarming tale of rekindled passion in The Redemptive Journey series. Enjoy introspective characters, meaningful biblical themes, and touching moments.
Pick up BetteLou’s clean and uplifting story  today!
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The 2nd Book in this Series

Immerse yourself inside the pages of “Coveting Joy,” an extraordinary love story that intertwines Christian faith with the supernatural.

Explore the captivating journey of two hearts as they navigate the realms of love and spirituality. Joy, an up-and-coming modern ballet dancer, and Brett, an enterprising young businessman, are at the heart of this enchanting narrative where Christian values infuse every moment.

Witness the power of faith as hope rises above barriers, and divine forces shape lover’s destinies. Experience a union that exceeds the ordinary, bridging the gap between the earthly and the ethereal in “Coveting Joy,”

Engage with this charming tale where romance is elevated by belief. Each page unfolds a celestial tapestry, painting a picture of love’s triumph over adversities with a touch of the divine.

Embrace “Coveting Joy,” the Christian romance that surpasses boundaries. Let its supernatural love story stir and enchant your spirit.

Coveting Joy Final Cover_11-28-23_ebook.jpg

Another Book

A Christian book full of miracle healings. The Christian testimony covers a healing of depression and two tooth cavity healing miracles. True testimonies of miracle healings abound in this book. Also, a factual account of God providing money when there was “no way!” A Christian story full of hope and encouragement.

A Christian testimony full of encouragement and hope. Unexpected dental and eyesight healings become reality and a financial miracle provides money when there was no hope. When depression raised its ugly head—God rose higher. Victorious encounters with the living God produced this awe-inspiring report. A true, transparent, and inspiring account of the majestic power of God Almighty. 

And One More Book

The great thing about miracles is when you see one you know God did it. This is a testimony of God-filled events marred by marital separation, major depression, and imminent suicide. The testimony of God's powerful triumphs over startling defeats provides a full measure of hope wrapped up in wondering, "What’s next?" A victorious conclusion that can only be attributed to God is sure to uplift and inspire.
A fulfilled vision sparks this Christian testimony of hearing God’s voice. True testimonies of miracle healings abound in this book. Godly miracles of healing a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder and its devastating symptoms. Hearing the voice of God is prevalent throughout these testimonies even when disbelief and fear appeared. A Christian story full of hope and encouragement.

About Us

Currently serving Christ in Tillamook, Oregon, we have been involved with ministry in the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, and the Rocky Mountains dating back to the nineteen seventies. We believe you know God is real. We do too. In fact, God is our passion. We believe God Almighty makes spending time together worthwhile and enjoyable for us, and Him. And, we believe reading about His miracles is one way He says, “Do you want to talk?”
As a result of six decades with the Lord we have no doubt that God cares about each of us personally. We also believe that God affects real life. Both of us love to write about Him in today’s world. We share encouraging, authentic, vulnerable testimonies and romance stories. Our goal in life is simple—to give you inspirational reading that’s all about what God has done and is doing. 
Having lived a tumultuous 57 year marriage; we declare the reality, power, and love of the Lord with everyone around us. Our twin believer daughters each have vibrant families who live far too far away. After writing full time we share our life with two rambunctious kitty cats who curl up with us on a crowded love-seat for devotions and Bible reading in the evenings. We enjoy a quiet, relaxed life where it is refreshingly cool but rainy much of the year.

Wayne's blog of hope and victory from his desk near the Oregon shoreline on a rainy, cold day December 7, 2023.

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Good morning, Y’all. Oregon weather on the coast is now in full winter mode which is usually predictable. This one has been normal so far--cold and rainy. 
I am almost finished writing Touched By Grace, the fourth book in The Redemptive Journey series. I will continue to focus on being an author even though the excitement of upcoming late winter snows is in the air. 
The response to last month's contest was wonderful. The winner has been contacted and has received her book and other prizes. This months drawing for the e-book or paperback of your choice plus more, will occur on February 20, 2024 for all newsletter subscribers (Make sure you sign-up at the top of this page - subscribe every month!). God's favor on you to win!
So, the contest question for January is, "What do you do when a non-believer insults you or your God?"
     1) Ignore them.
     2) Get flustered and say something useless for the kingdom.
     3) Tell them off and call them a sinner.
     4) Tell them you will pray they have a blessed day.
     5) Other. (Please describe)
Just leave a note below and answer the January contest question. The winner and most popular answers will be announced in the February 20, 2024 newsletter. Have fun thinking this over!
Exciting news is coming soon about the next book in The Redemptive Journey series  titled "Touched By grace." Be on the lookout for it! Have you read "Embracing Faith" yet or picked up the two before it "Raising Hope," and "Coveting Joy?" Both are available now. But enough for today, I pray you have a blessed week and weekend. 'Till later… Wayne, with fond memories of BetteLou.

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